Analysis Of The Book ' The Bodies Up ' : Digging Washington Square '

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The money passion: Money passion is a pretty straightforward term: it means that money is the driving force behind a character’s actions. Everything they do come from their desire for money. R. W. B. Lewis originally coined this term in his book, The Jameses: A Family Narrative. In relation to our class, however, we read Barry Maine’s article, “Bring the Bodies Up: Excavating Washington Square”, which explored this term in Henry James’ novel, Washington Square. Specifically, Barry Maine says that Morris, the villain of the novel, is pretty much the only character driven by money passion. However, he also says that the morally grey character of Doctor Sloper only got to his position in life because he married into a rich family, making him…show more content…
Even though Alexandra experiences tragedy through the loss of her brother and her best friend, she still gets her happy ending: the novel ends with her and Carl agreeing to marry and live off the land for the rest of their days. If Cather were aiming to criticize Agrarianism, she would have ended the novel immediately after Emil and Maria died. Free indirect discourse: Free indirect discourse is a form of third person narration where the narrator slips into various characters’ inner thoughts and voices at will. Even though the story is still told from third person, it seems like the narrator becomes the character for a second. This form of narration can be found in Charles Chesnutt’s Marrow of Tradition. The third person narrator within the novel often goes faithfully into the perspective of both the white supremacists and the African Americans who reside in the town with them. In writing from the perspective of white people as a black man, Chesnutt is undermining a common argument of white supremacy: black people and white people are inherently different. That is, Chesnutt is showing that black people aren’t so different from white people after all because a black man can successfully write the many complexities of America’s foundation in white supremacy. This is evident through the varying mindsets of General Belmont, Major Carteret,

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