Analysis Of The Book ' The Book Of Bones ' By Boubacar Boris Diop

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Words have incredible power to create emotions, present information, and tell what people have gone through. Though there are many different writing genres, all of them can recognize the greatness of a piece that shows readers what they are addressing, and makes them feel a connection to what’s on the paper. Historical fiction is an often-forgotten genre of storytelling, but can be the most powerful as it takes events that have occurred in the past and creates a story with them. Persia Woolley addresses this idea in his piece about how to write historical fiction and looks at what makes some stories more powerful than others. Each author is different in how they balance the history and fiction in their stories and this directly impacts…show more content…
This is accurate on a lot of levels, but Murambi, Book of Bones is a special exception to this stereotype because it is meant to teach readers the history of an event, show people went wrong, and try to show that there is still some good left in the world. When Boubacar Boris Diop decided to write his book, he was on the duty of memory project, in charge of documenting what happened during the genocide. On his trip, he saw the bodies lined up in the technical school in Murambi where the massacre occurred. They were preserved by the nutrients in the soil of the mass grave where kids, parents, grandparents, were buried. He heard about how the French soldiers had said up their volley ball courts on top of the mass grave, what people participated in and avoided the atrocity, and how the events all unfolded during the massacre (Zitelli). From this information Boubacar Boris Diop found his angle he was going to write his book, and if was fully based on the history of what happened and to educate about what happened at the Murambi technical school. Although a different approach than how Ainehi Edoro suggests writing about Africa, this was obviously a very special circumstance. This novel about Africa was unique

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