Analysis Of The Book ' The Book Thief '

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1. Title- The Book Thief
2. Author- Markas Zusak
3. Date of Original Publication- March 14, 2006
4. Novel Type- Historical fiction

1. Point of View- Death
2. Relationship to meaning: Deaths point of view is important because he tells you all of his experiences he has come across people dying. The bad part about death narrating the story, is that you cannot feel the characters emotions and feelings.
3. Plot Structure
a. Exposition- Death introduces himself as the narrator. He also introduces Liesel Meminger into the story. He tells the readers that she was adopted by Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Liesel would live in Molching, Germany.
b. Inciting Incident- On the way to the Hubermann’s house Liesel’s brother, Werner, dies. This pains Liesel and will affect the story throughout. During the burial of her brother Liesel steals her first book called The Grave Digger’s Handbook. This book is very important because it reminds Liesel of her real family.
c. Events contributing to rising action- Max Vanderburg is introduced into the story. He goes into the Hubermann house because he wants to hide from the Nazis. The Hubermanns make a good effort to hide Max in their basement. Max and Liesel end up becoming best friends because they relate so much to each other. Liesel also starts to steal books which becomes her new hobby. Max eventually leaves because he feels like the Hubermanns have done enough for him.
d. Climax (Crisis/turning point) - The turning point of the story is…
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