Analysis Of The Book ' The Breakfast Club '

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Madison Mauro Period 7/APPsychology Mrs. Carter 29 February 2016 The Breakfast Club was a movie delineating the interactions of five high school students from differing backgrounds encountering the obstacle of a Saturday detention. These five students were composed of a princess, a brain, an outcast, a jock, and most pertinent to this paper, the rebel, John Bender. John Bender is depicted within this movie as a careless and hostile character with some authority issues. An impulsive and uncooperative individual, Bender, in the detention for pulling the fire alarm, serves as a sharp juxtaposition to the other characters, often challenging the others on their perspectives. This contrast could perhaps be attributed to his home life, which is different from his four detention counterparts. Portrayed initially as a stereotypic character in that he is represented as a criminal and a bad boy “too cool for school,” Bender is shown to truly be a vulnerable character suffering from tensions in his home life. Apparent in the scene in which Bender reenacts an incident from home, Bender comes from a broken home in which physical and emotional abuse occurs. Bender, incredibly rebellious with insecure attachments, objectives women as well as resents anybody who has a more stable home life than him. These qualities most likely stem from his characterization of his father as an abusive alcoholic who once burned a cigar on John’s arm because he accidentally spilled paint. There are also
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