Analysis Of The Book ' The Breakfast Club '

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The Breakfast Club is a movie about five students from Shermer High School who gather on a Saturday to sit through eight hours of detention. These five students; Andrew Clark, Claire Standish, John Bender, Allison Reynolds and Brian Johnson, have nothing in common. The Breakfast Club zooms in on the high school social groups and cliques that are often seen in the development of peer groups during adolescents. The peer groups that are portrayed in The Breakfast Club include, John “the criminal”, Claire “the Princess”, Allison “the Basket case”, Brian “the Brain”, and Andrew “the athlete”. The movie centers around an essay that Principle Vernon wants each student to write regarding who they think they are. In the beginning of the film, the…show more content…
This film also illustrates different parenting styles and the effects that parenting can have on an adolescent. The Breakfast Club is a wonderful example of pubertal timing in adolescents. Throughout the film the viewer can see where the characters are at in their development as well as the impacts of their pubertal timing. The Breakfast Club highlights physical changes, relationships with parents, relationships with peers, and the timing of early and late maturation. Claire is portrayed as the stereotypical popular girl and can be described as an early maturing girl. She wears expensive clothes, diamond earrings and wealthy accessories. Throughout the film, Claire relies solely on her looks, and is viewed as conceited, privileged and spoiled. Claire shows characteristics of an early maturing girl because she is strongly influenced by social and cultural views. Claire says in the film, “Your friends wouldn 't mind because they look up to us.... I 'm not saying that to be conceited! I hate it! I hate having to go along with everything my friends say!” Claire is aware of her social status among her peers and holds herself to higher expectations to uphold her reputation. She states, “Do you know how popular I am? I am so popular. Everybody loves me so much at this school.” To fit in with her peers, she must act a certain way in public to impress them. Claire is
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