Analysis Of The Book ' The Cat '

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A gunshot stirred the sleeping cat, jerking him awake. His unpleasant dream, filled him with horror as he recalled the smell of burning firewood, boiling water, and the cruel laughter. His senses came back to him as he found himself hanging from a log, upside down, his legs tied together. Battered and bruised, the cat tried to remember why he was hanging on a piece of wood. As the cat’s memory came back slowly, he remembered himself fighting men, trying to escape their firm grip. One of the big men lifted his oversized fist and connected it to the cat’s hind legs. The feline shrieked in agony as the pain shot up towards his body, and he fell into an unknown darkness. He frowned as he tried to remember what had happened before the hunters came, but his mind was utterly blank. The cat blinked twice, finally taking in his surroundings. Two men came towards the cat and lifted him over to an open space. The cat looked below him and saw some wood. The men walked away, leaving the cat alone by himself. He closed his eyes; his throbbing legs were becoming numb and he started to feel a sense of dread, as he realized what would happen to him. The feline twitched as a stick prodded his bruised body. An old man stood over the cat, grinning from ear to ear. The cat shuddered at the sight; the man wore rags and looked as if he had never taken a bath in his life. His stench could be smelled from miles away, and it angered the hanging cat. All of a sudden, the ancient man untied the
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