Analysis Of The Book ' The Catcher Of The Rye '

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Title: The Catcher in the Rye

1. Significance of the title: Throughout the book we see Holden retreat into his head and imagination multiple times instead of dealing with the real world. When asked what he wants to do with his life he gives the title of a job he had wanted as a kid, to catch the people running through a rye field before they fell off the weird cliff it was on. He used to have dreams about doing this and protecting people. He has a very naïve view on the world and it shows though this title.

2. Genre: This book is realistic fiction

3. Date of original publication: July 1951

4. Author: J. D. Salinger

5. Setting: The story takes place over a couple of days in late 1940’s, before Christmas. It starts out in Pennsylvania at our main characters private school before he is kicked out a takes a journey up to New York where his parents live.

6. Importance: New York (now and in the book) has always been thought of as a place you go to invent yourself. Holden tries to do just that when he spends a night on the town instead of going home to his parents. New York is full of fun and sometimes crazy experiences that Holden needed to have in order to get through this hard time in his life.

7 . Plot: We open with the narrator, a man named Holden Caulfield that wants to tell a story of how he got to this place in his life before he discloses what his situation is. Holden takes the reader back to when he was just kicked out of his boarding school; he hadn’t…
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