Analysis Of The Book ' The Child By Tiger '

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In Thomas Wolfes’ story “The Child by Tiger” Dick Prosser a deeply religious veteran from the South begins working for a white family after serving in the United States Army. Prosser was well liked by the Shepperton family and the boys of the neighborhood, until the day that Dick Prosser’s PTSD was triggered and killed many people of the town. The boys of the town looked up to Dick, they thought that he was able to do everything. He was also considered to be very smart for an African American. Thomas Wolfe uses George L. Dillon’s styles of reading in “The Child by Tiger”. Wolfe uses two out of three of George L. Dillons styles of reading, one of the styles is the Anthropologist style. In Thomas Wolfe’s story Anthropologist style is a way of looking at the social norms and values of the story. Dillons Anthropologist style of reading is represented in Wolfe 's story by showing the effects of PTSD and the way African Americans were viewed and treated. Wolfe uses another one of George L. Dillon 's styles of reading. Digger for Secrets is also used in “The Child by Tiger.” Digger for Secrets style is how the readers go beneath the surface of the story to uncover things that are not directly stated. George L. Dillons Digger for Secrets style can be uncovered in the way Thomas Wolfe describes Dick Prosser 's physical appearance and how deeply religious Prosser was for someone who served in the army. One major use of the Anthropologist style is Thomas Wolfe showing what
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