Analysis Of The Book ' The Child Of The Basement ' And Tom Shadyac 's Film I Am

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Man must be able to take up his ability, time, and knowledge to change the future to the best of his abilities in order to stay clear from the claims of societal values. David Brooks’ article “The Child in the Basement” and Tom Shadyac’s film I Am both basically had the same idea of society. They both claimed that you should always put others before yourself and not focus too much on themselves, but they both had a bit of a twist to it. Brooks shows that sometimes letting people go can really affect their lives, but it 'll make a good cause for a large group. Or how some objects can make some happy, but a human is behind the making of it and it takes them a lot of effort. While Shadyac is all about how in today 's modern society the value and importance of materialistic objects and wealth is reserved to maintain high status and it often makes us forget about the ones who don 't have anything in their lives. Davis Brooks theory sounds like an brilliant metaphor that represents American society. That kid in the broom closet is the American worker, chained to his underpaid job while his bosses enjoy the fruits of his labor. He uses a very intelligent example to express how a person can make a large group happy when states. He relates to the real world by the using stating “When we buy a cellphone or a piece of cheap clothing, there is some exploited worker”. The quote shows that the small item will bring you happiness, but behind your happiness and the item is a hard worker.

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