Analysis Of The Book ' The Colorful Moments '

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Long Yu
Professor Leano
English 1A
1 October 2014
The Colorful Moments
The book Daytripper has a great storyline for reader to discover, it was written and drawn collaboratively by brothers Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon, and they have produced a masterpiece. Their story of Bràs de Oliva Domingos, in each chapter issues to enjoy every single moment in life which nowadays people have forgotten how colorful life is; the book reflects how people play different roles in their life, emotion of particular time, and the purpose of life. The answers are all in the book, as Bràs told through glimpses of pivotal moments in his life, is beautiful and colorful in every single moment.
People play their role for the very first time as a member of their family and that is the moment they find where is he or she belongs. Family has a big role on Brás’ story, no matter which part of Brás life that are shown, his family is always there somehow. As a son, Bràs was trying to live out his dad’s legacy, he wants to be a famous writer like his dad, but he is always stuck in the middle of somewhere, like when his girlfriend Olinda left him because Bràs back to a mediocre person; as a husband, he is responsible and reliable, but when he found out his dad actually died in the same hospital while he was having his first baby, he wished he knew what to do next, and he accepts the fact that people will keep dying no matter which path they choose. “Life is made of these moments, son, relationships are based
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