Analysis Of The Book ' The Count Of Monte Cristo For The First Time '

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Reading sends a feeling throughout my body and mind that is rather difficult to explain. The feeling is overwhelming and takes over my entire thought process. It is as though I want to shut out the world and fall completely into the book so I can experience the words instead of just reading them, but at the same time I want to be able to talk to every person I know about the story and the characters and every little detail of every major plot twist. That awe-inspiring feeling first came when I began reading The Count of Monte Cristo for the first time. During my winter break I decided to take advantage of the time away from school by relaxing and trying to pencil in some “me time.” The meteorologists on television and in the Washington…show more content…
There was something about this book that stood out to me. I don’t know if it was the blue and gold intricate designs covering it, the title, or something else that I couldn’t comprehend right then. Whatever it was, it drew me to that book like a magnet and I thought ‘this is the one. I need to get this one.’ The snow came earlier than expected and by earlier, I mean it came at noon instead of nine o’clock. I came home and immediately started shoveling snow off my driveway so my mom wouldn’t need to do it. My shoveling was constantly interrupted by my own thoughts, ‘I wonder what it’s like to read a book so big. I can’t imagine it will be easy to read. I wonder what it’s about. I just want to go in and start reading.’ At long last, the shoveling was done and it was my time. I hurried inside, changed my clothes to something dry and warm, and went out onto the deck. A patio chair was left out from one of our summer dinner parties so I brushed it off and set myself up there. I took a couple chopped logs off the pile to my left and lit the fire in the fire pit for its inaugural lighting of the season. I pulled my chair as close to the fire as I could; close enough to get warm, but far enough away that I didn’t catch on fire. With that, I was finally ready, so I curled under my blanket and began reading. I sat outside reading for hours, paying no attention to the fact that it was only thirty degrees outside.
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