Analysis Of The Book ' The Crucible ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Turns out they share similar taste in their music. She commented on the group playing on the iPod as her favorite and giving him a little history of the band. She also checked out the meal he’d prepared and made some mention of his cooking skills. They talked about her work and how it was progressing. She mentioned the article she was writing, and he brought up the topic of what happened to his older brother. A topic which he especially didn’t talk too much about, even after all this time it was still a painful subject. Kendrick let her know his next shift on the rig was going to a long, lonely one for him, one he wasn’t looking forward to. Especially since she had no idea how difficult it is for bonded lifemates to be away from each other; she would soon understand all too well. The considerate lover in Kendrick took her and held her while he was arguing with his Selkie-self to behave and not scare this woman off. So instead of pouncing on her, he said, “Let’s eat before our fish gets cold.” He thought lame most definitely, but he needed to slow things down and get his mind off her curvaceous body and regain some of his own self-control. He needed to conquer one obsession at a time. After they finished her Blaeberry and Sloe berry crumble, she surprised him while he placed the dishes in the sink. He felt the warmth of her body as she placed her arms around him from behind. She lowered her hands to the huge bulge he sported at the front of his pants,
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