Analysis Of The Book ' The Crucible '

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Dominika Krupa
Professor John Krapp
SUS40C: Off script: Rebels in Fiction and philosophy
December 19th, 2014 When we look at the world and the communities within we are often expected to follow their beliefs and their standards whether we believe in them or not. For many the power the community holds and the longing of acceptance is what encourages people to follow along even if it is for the wrong reasons. It can be difficult to stand against something or someone that many people in society are for. In the book the “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, John Proctor struggles against his societies expectations on how he should think and behave but by the end of the novel we see that Proctor has successfully written his own script. He is able to admit to his wrong doings and goes against the beliefs of his own society. In the book “Heart Of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad, Mr. Kurtz goes against his societies expectations but in my opinion in the end he is unsuccessful. People who follow the script, like every other human being, can be considered to be ordinary people but people who write their own script are considered to be extra-ordinary.
The novel “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller takes place around the 1700’s at the time of the witch trials in Salem Massachusetts. The main character in the book, John Proctor, comes from a Puritan society in which people from this type of community are taught and required to follow strict guidelines of social order. These communities that follow
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