Analysis Of The Book ' The Dark Streets '

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Urban fiction is a great genre, depending on the author you choose. Urban fiction is heavily associated with minority groups and negative lifestyles. Ghetto, trashy, murder, sex, drugs, and many other derogatory words immediately come to mind, when thinking of urban fiction. Although an in-depth glance into the mind of the author will show you that it 's so much more than that. The authors are painting a picture of reality. Through the eyes of the author we get a firsthand take on the shocking lifestyle that many people actually live. Thug Passion is the novel that I will be evaluating. Being that author Mz. Lady P provides everything you need to have a great urban fiction story in this book. In this essay I will explain how the grimy streets, along with the story-line, and relatable characters make up the characteristics of a great urban fiction book.
Mz. Lady P is one of the national bestselling authors in urban fiction. She lacks a filter and possess grit, so nothing is held back while reading her attention grabbing books. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and still currently resides there. A single parent, raising two boys, she knows exactly what it’s like to struggle and live in the hood. I appreciate the authenticity of her writing along with her deep passion for writing, that is felt throughout the readings of her books. Urban fiction is a genre that I feel you have to have personally experienced to write about. The author should be able to draw the
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