Analysis Of The Book ' The Daughter Of Mama Elena '

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ISU Process Check Characters Tita-youngest daughter of mama elena and also the protagonist of the novel. She is barred from getting married as per family traditions in the understanding that she would care for her mother till death. She faces many struggles such as not being able to marry her desirer Pedro and also watch him get married to her sister. The book progress with her life and shows a main focus on her disturbed relationship with pedro and also displays her hardships in her life to pursue love and distinctiveness from others. The purpose of her upbringing was to be excellent in the culinary arts. Pedro- Tita 's true love. Pedro originally set out to ask for Tita 's hand in marriage but returned with rejection and an undesired resolution which will make him the husband of tita 's sister Rosaura causing Tita 's heart to break. Even though being married, his love for tita increases which in multiple occasions Tita is seen arousing Pedro 's emotions and pursues her secretly. Mama Elena- A ruthless and cold hearted woman who dictates that tita must be her caretaker till her last breath. She manages to destroy tita 's life as she manages to keep her from her beloved pedro. Her past reflects on her current actions as she too suffered from a lost love making her the bitter woman she is today. Her fierce persona embeds fear in all three of her children. Rosuara: The Second oldest daughter of Mama Elena. Rosuara marries pedro with much discouragement from tita. She

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