Analysis Of The Book ' The Destructors ' By Graham Greene

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Stories have attained people’s attention by being classified as a comedy, romance, suspense, etc., but what hustles readers to the end is the reason why they picked a story that is more commercial fiction or literary fiction. Commercial fiction drives readers away from the real world, while literary fiction deepens the reader’s awareness of life. “The Destructors” by Graham Greene is a short story that stresses the tension between social classes following the aftermath of World War II. This realistic fiction grasps historical context to reveal the purpose of the destruction of a house. The Wormsley Common Gang’s new recruit, Trevor “T.” proposes to destroy Old Misery’s house during the time Old Misery is out for Bank Holiday. As soon as the gang agrees with T.’s proposal, the action takes place, but before it is completely destroyed Old Misery comes back. Old Misery’s unexpected arrival leads to some slight changes. At the end a truck driver destroys the house by driving his truck from the car lot. “The Destructors” is a piece of literary fiction because it utilizes a complex character, develops suspense with the character’s actions, and conveys a serious theme through the use of symbolism. The reader is introduced to the complexity of Trevor’s character through his actions. The reader first learns that Trevor belongs to the upper class whom does not care about the differences of the social class system since he is the newest gang recruit of one the poorest sections of
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