Analysis Of The Book ' The Dreams ' By Kevin Starr

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In Embattled Dreams, author Kevin Starr explains the decade that begins with World War II and ends with the growth of states that were part of the war, concentrating on the United States specifically California. The book speaks about the changes that the war brought into California and how it was a catalyst for major changes in the state’s economy and society. It focuses on the development of California. Many books show the major events that changed a country, but there were smaller stories within the country that demonstrated to the development as well. The author wants to show readers that California contributed much to the war cause, building machinery and such, but this book emphasizes the effects these jobs had on society. Kevin Starr…show more content…
A great example would be women’s occupations. At that time, women were household wives; most of them did not work. But during the war, men were sent off to war, while women stayed so they replaced male workers. Though the two great wars were devastating, but the outcome of the wars may have contributed to the success of California today. After the war, several industries boomed in California, causing many people from all over the world to make their way to the State. The population growth, minorities emerging in California, many topics in this book consisted of the changes that were not focused on by history textbooks regarding the war. The two great wars of the 1900s brought many changes to the world, but the aftermath of the war was far greater. It opened a new world of possibilities. Change is a recurring theme throughout the book. Each chapter covers a year between the years of 1940-1950. In every chapter, Starr begins with specific event from that year and he proceeds to connect it to the war and other matters regarding California. He always touches on the subject of the impact the war has on economic, political and social matters in California life. Also, the author wanted to show the economic, political, and social effects of the war. The chapters in Embattled Dreams is organized in this way: Kevin Starr begins with introducing the year the chapter
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