Analysis Of The Book ' The Dreams From My Father '

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The book centers on the life of Barack Hussein Obama II’s life until his enrollment to the Harvard Law School. There is not much Washington setting throughout the book; therefore, the focus would be the parallels between his life before his presidency as told in this memoir and his life as the most powerful man in Washington, DC. In this paper, the focus will be on Obama and his father, African American history, his way to success, and finally, his experience in Washington.
First published in 1995, the Dreams from my Father reveals a great portrayal of the head of the US government as a person before achieving his status and power. Today, across the globe, the name Barack Obama would be recognizable –the man who stirred the status quo of the Presidency and making a mark as the first African American US President. Anyone who visits Washington, DC would hope to encounter Obama. Although the book was written before his term as a President, it clearly depicts his character as a leader.
What is notable about the book is Obama’s vulnerable side. The powerful President has also struggled in life. Someone who feared of not belonging. Someone who lost a loved one. Someone who learned from his mistakes. During his visit in Kenya, “for the first time in [his] life, [he] found [himself] thinking deeply about money: my own lack of it, the pursuit of it, the crude but undeniable peace it could buy (329).” Yet, what is more remarkable is observing how Obama thought about understanding…
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