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Anthony Green
Mr. Hyde
English II Pre-AP, Period 7
7 March 2016
Neal Shusterman
As the adventures continue from the previous book, UnSouled first starts off with Connor and Lev running into a bit of trouble trying to get to their destination, but where they are headed to is actually a who rather than a what. The two boys develop a stronger bond as they are stuck in multiple life or death situations. In a whole other conflict, Risa Ward, the ambivalent lover of Connor, is running from her “kidnappers” (Proactive Citizenry), and is country side for a bit but is stuck trying to find herself as she is now practically alone in her own quests. Nearing the end of the book, Connor, Lev, Risa, and now Cam are together developing a plan to later destroy the disgustingly successful Proactive Citizenry.
Kicking off the story with a startling first experience, Connor and Lev stop by a local store on their way to finding this mysterious woman, Sonia, with all the answers they need. In no time Connor knew something seemed suspicious and he was eager to leave but was suddenly attacked and knocked out by the skeptical store clerk with little reaction time to stop him. As he wakes up he finds himself to be tied down to a chair in the basement of the alleged attacker, Argent and his sister Grace. Connor managed to be set free from Grace by persuading her to escape Argent’s grasp and finally be safe. On the weaker side of this…
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