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Dielle Ghislaine Ochotorena
American Studies 1/2

Destructiveness of Obedience

Alot of people like to believe that the world is generally all good or all evil; however, in reality they are the yin and yang of the human condition, and they are the labels we put on things that either appeal to us or don’t. The biblical story of Lucifer, who before he was banished from Heaven, was God’s favorite angel. Lucifer in the story, defied God which was the ultimate disobedience to authority in everyone’s mind and so Lucifer was sent to Hell. Disobedience is seen as this sinful action that should be abolished as quickly as it arrived, people are oblivious to the good that can come from disobeying authority and more importantly the destructiveness of blind obedience. They are disillusioned of the line between good and evil is uncrossable, impermeable, solid, and can’t be crossed. But not everything is black and white, there are gray areas, but those gray areas are the places that no one wants to venture into, it’s far too murky, too substantial, so they succumb to the mindset of it’s one way or the other.
For so long the actions of the United States have been rationalized simply as; the ends justify the means, but the manner in which “peace” is being achieved is revealed, such as in the My Lai massacre and the tortures within the Abu Ghraib Prison, the country cowardly points its fingers towards the perpetrators. Instead of showing the corruption of the system they plead innocent and…
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