Analysis Of The Book ' The Foxglove Killings '

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Being a mystery novel and all that, I am going to go the mysterious route with my review for The Foxglove Killings... Wouldn 't want to give anything away, now would I?! So, short and sweet and simple. I was a little hesitant to try this one for two reasons, even though I loved the sound of it. One, Young Adult Mystery stories are very hit or miss with me. I don 't mind knowing early on the "whodunit", but I at least want to be entertained, even after figuring things out. Two, when I read the synopsis for this book, I wasn 't sold, mainly due to said synopsis being writing in first person, which simply confused me. It made the book appear much more childish and predictable than it is. However, I thought I may as well give it a go, because I am beginning to enjoy murder-mystery-thrillers more and more.However, The Foxglove Killings nailed it. Tara Kelly is great at keeping up the tense atmosphere, creating a setting that is dark and creepy. With very first scene in the book she starts building her story, and never once lets up. Not only is there great atmosphere, there are seriously in-depth and multi-dimensional characterizations. Those two things, settings and characters, are such important parts of the story for me, and Tara Kelly knocked it out of the park. Firstly, this book got straight into the action, which I loved. Sometimes it works when authors build up the story before the action starts trickling in, but other times, it 's nice to be plunged straight in the

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