Analysis Of The Book ' The Ghost '

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(Enter the Villan) Here she comes, dressed all in blue, from head to toe. She walks purposefully, her long formal robe swishing against the floor as she stalks towards me. She looks elegant and cold, but the menacing grin upon her face betrays her zeal. I catch a glimpse of the lightning in her forest green eyes as she lurches forwards. I reel backwards, terrified of her ability to skewer my whole world. My thoughts whirl around as I tumble ceaselessly. That face is unmistakable, the foul witch of Hal’edon. It’s just a dream. Woken up from my restful slumber, I relive that nightmare. She 's the ghost, the apparition, the questionable spirit that haunts me both when I 'm asleep and awake. I stumble out of bed, grabbing a nearby torch, and wiping the sleep from my face. My castle is silent and damp tonight. Nearly too quiet for my own comfort. I still feel unsettled, as the thought of an attack runs rampant in my head. I try to calm myself by pacing around my bed, but the rug is ever so slightly damp from the humidity, and it makes the soles of my feet feel sticky. Listening for any noises, I try to be reassuring. There is no one in the house. There aren 't any noises in the house that would suggest people present. I am safe. Suddenly the sound of small footsteps are audible from what I discern to be the cellar. Gathering my courage, I carefully exit my room, and round the corner, my hand sliding across the cool, rough stone wall. Tip toeing down the old
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