Analysis Of The Book ' The Glass Arrow '

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Our world today is full of rules, set guidelines, laws, and bills, yet we still have the sense of free will and freedom. Many dystopian novels have been written recently about different types of government rulings. The book Article 5 shows us a sudden change in the government that will affect everybody physically, mentally, and especially emotionally. The author, Kristen Simmons, did an outstanding job at expressing the emotions of every character in this book through her writing. Although this type of government system is outrageous and out worldly, she makes you feel like as if you were there personally living along side of the characters.
Kristen Simmons is a modern author who has published just a handful of novels. She has written the three book series of Article 5 plus two more individual books, The Glass Arrow and Metaltown. She has won several awards for her work, including but not limited to, the 2014 Gateway Readers Award – High School and the 2015 Gold HomeAway’s Stevie Award. Raised in Reno, Nevada, Simmons was a small town farmer’s daughter. After high school, she attended several colleges and graduated with a B.A. in psychology and a master’s in social work from the University of Nevada. She is currently a professor in the Biology department at Northern Virginia Community College. In one of her biographies, she stated, “A love for the written word led me to where I am today” (Kristen Simmons Books).
Article 5 is a dystopian novel. In the beginning of this…
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