Analysis Of The Book ' The Grapes Of Wrath '

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The Grapes of Wrath
The devastating effects of the dust storms mainly in western Oklahoma and the preceding rain failure caused families to flee to California. The banks repossession for their property and homes pushes them further into depression. Unguaranteed about a better future or even about the next meal, the families take their chances. Their arrival into California is however a disappointment as there are no jobs for them. Most ‘okies’ in the Hovervilles end up dead due to starvation as they can’t find work. This highlights the plight of many families that had to struggle in a foreign city for Survival. The unfriendly weather is blamed for the atrocities that befall this community. There are social and economic divisions in California that dictate how well one is treated; the tenants, Land owners, the rich and the poor. These deeds against the immigrants are motivated by the thought that someday the immigrants will overrule them. It is for this reason that there is so much evil going on the camps. Human dignity is ignored and suffering is inflicted with intend. The families in this film (the Joads and the rest) have formed a bond that is not just biological but rather based on their Loyalty and appreciation of their shared predicaments and their commitments against them. Their motivation is the struggle for survival and this leads to building of other relations outside the family units. Adversity is addressed as a common problem and as Tom…
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