Analysis Of The Book ' The Grapes Of Wrath '

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The Grapes of Wrath
The devastating effects of the dust storms mainly in western Oklahoma and the preceding rain failure caused families to flee to California. The banks repossession for their property and homes pushes them further into depression. Unguaranteed about a better future or even about the next meal, the families take their chances. Their arrival into California is however a disappointment as there are no jobs for them. Most ‘okies’ in the Hovervilles end up dead due to starvation as they can’t find work. This highlights the plight of many families that had to struggle in a foreign city for Survival. The unfriendly weather is blamed for the atrocities that befall this community. There are social and economic
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He realizes that He has a role to lead the people irrespective of their backgrounds against the Californians. The Joad family stands out as an exemplary family. Though they have lost members, they still stick together through all the troubles and continue to show kindness and generosity to every other person in need. The anger that is in the people’s hearts makes them have some sense of self-respect. The social system in California was filled with selfishness. The business people and land owners charged very selfish interests that push most of the people to poverty. This in a twist unites the immigrants. They are forced to look out for each other. The greed of the Californians has a converse effect to the immigrants. There were a lot of social injustices being afflicted to the workers too. In one case, the Joads go to a gas station seeking help but the attendant does not help them because he fears for his job. The corporatist had oppressed the workers so much that they do not even their self-worth. It is the acts of kindness that the Joads show upon the worker that turn things around. There are also some traces of kind people among the Californians like Mae, who at some time offered to sell bread to a man at a price that was lower than the recommended one. It is the Motive of this lady that brings out the kind nature of the human race irrespective of their origin. The Respect for the family structure is upheld by the
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