Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Commission '

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4MAT Book Review - The Great Commission to Worship Todd Bush Liberty University EVAN 525-B08: Contemporary Evangelism May 29, 2016 Abstract The question may be asked, “what is the essence of being a Great Commission Worshipper?” David Wheeler and Vernon Whaley provides subtle element of what the significance is to being a Great Commission Worshipper – a man absolutely and similarly dedicated to evangelism and worship – and an otherworldly procedure that is formational, transformational, social, missional, and reproducible. The postulation/thesis of the book is outlined in section two when the writers doubtlessly express " A Great Commission worshipper is a person who is so much in love with Jesus, so committed to worship of Jesus, and so devoted to being obedient to every command of Jesus that he simply cannot restrain himself from telling others about his incredible relationship with the Son of God."1 In The Great Commission to Worship: Biblical Principles for Worship-Based Evangelism the writers join evangelism and love as profound orders that the Christian devotee must follow up on out of acquiescence for God. They state at an early stage that " worship is not an event or something we do for God. Rather it is an act of unbridled obedience even when rational explanations are hard to find."2 Wheeler and Whaley give regular confusions of evangelism and worship, giving a brief reaction for each. They then give a scriptural model of an evangelism-venerate
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