Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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After retracing her route, Casey finally saw the sign that said, Madison, ten miles. It was nice to see civilization again. For a moment, she imagined she had stumbled into the Twilight Zone, and the road would go on and on and on. Tomorrow she would try to find a local historian to begin researching her family home before heading back to Glendara and eventually back to Macon.
She wished there was more time to explore Madison’s historic downtown district as she would be spending the night right in the middle. She had read it characterized the charm of the Old South. However, she needed to use her time wisely, and that would have to wait another visit.
Spotting the quaint bed and breakfast, Casey felt relieved. She parked in the guest parking lot, retrieved her two suitcases, and approached the door. Balancing her luggage, she rang the buzzer and waited for admittance.
There was a hefty pull on the door, and it swung open. There, standing before her, was the friendliest face she had seen all day. The woman was petite, not more than five feet two. She had beautiful skin reminiscent of a porcelain doll with arresting chestnut eyes within a soft, round face that crinkled when she smiled. Her hair was an unusual mahogany hue. Casey noticed slight graying at the temples and suspected the color came from a bottle. She guessed her age at between fifty and fifty-five.
“Come in, child, my name is Fiona Fairday. You must be Ms. Culpepper?”
“You’ll be staying in the Rose Room,
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