Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Ragtime seems like a juxtaposition of events that occur in different people’s lives. However they all intersect with one another at a certain point, which is the case with Harry Houdini’s experiences. Houdini is a man that finds a certain liberty from the weight of human existence in his profession of escaping. Throughout the course of the novel, we as readers, witness the catastrophic changes in Houdini’s emotional state. The most prominent part of the telling of Houdini’s story is the mystical experience that is referred to in Chapter 40. This reference at the very end of the novel takes us back to a specific moment that occurred in the beginning where Harry Houdini visited the family after his car crashed into a telephone pole. As Houdini was leaving the house “ Warn the Duke,” the little boy said (Doctorow 10). Houdini recalls the face of this little boy while hanging upside down in Times Square and only then he makes the connection between the warning and the assassination of the Austrian Duke he met, which later on gave rise to the World War I.
Harry Houdini’s career’s rise and fall corresponds with his personal life, more importantly his mental state. It’s clear from the beginning that the only person that had any significance in his life was his mother. His love for his mother surpassed any other sentiment he had; yet he only comprehended this after her death. Houdini’s brief encounters with different people throughout the novel help us understand his perspective as
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