Analysis Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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James walked slowly singing away to himself. The warmth of the sun was pleasant on his back and caused him to smile, to his left was a railway line and to his right a wide river with a current so strong it caused the water to froth. He had been walking for several hours now and decided it was time to take a break. He swung his rucksack off his back and sat on the damp grass path he had been walking on. He tore open his bag and grabbed one of the many chocolate bars he had packed, then took out an issue of the Oregon Journal he had stolen from his dad 's desk before he had left. The date on the front was the 22nd of June 1955, it was yesterday 's paper. James could hardly read but enjoyed looking at the pictures, he inspected the newspaper…show more content…
The boy was amazed by this and decided to venture further in to explore the strange place. It was completely empty, no men rushing to work and no children playing outside. However, the boy noticed how it was oddly well maintained. As he walked down what must have been the main street, the buildings to his left and right were so clean from outside they looked as though they had been built just before he had arrived. There was a church towards the end of the village whose stained glass windows were so stunning and well maintained that someone passing by may have believed these were a portal to another world rather than just incredible artwork. The sun had begun to set and James decided it was time to find somewhere to sleep for the night and he could continue his exploring the following day, he walked up to the next building on his left and tried to open the door. To his surprise, it wasn 't locked. He went inside and found a bed, no sooner had his head hit the pillow he had fallen asleep and dreamt of what his adventure would bring him the following day. James ' eyes slowly began to open as he regained consciousness. He looked around the room and noticed the beautiful paintings that hung on the walls that he had not seen the night before, he allowed his eyes to wander around the room until he saw something that made his heart stop. There, no more than a metre or two away from him sat a boy that must have been a similar age to him with a big grin on
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