Analysis Of The Book ' The Greatest Ghost '

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Chinese ghost stories, unlike American Horror Story and Japanese Sadako, never fail to fascinate us. It gives people a mysterious feeling, accompanied with a slight sense of horror, yet romantic and touching. In the eyes of westerns, ghost is always associated with the word “haunted” or “demon”, nothing but clichés about spirit making fun of people and exorcist help people out. However, Liao Zhai Zhi Yi, the greatest ghost story compilation in Chinese history, is far from exorcism and scary scenes, on the contrary, it largely describes beautiful bitter-sweet love stories between scholars and female ghosts, which they played very important roles in this book. Therefore, this paper will mainly discuss the development of the ghost literature genre, the roles of scholars and female ghosts and their importance in the example of the Magic Sword and the Magic Bag, and some common themes in Liao Zhai.
Ghost goes a long way in Chinese history, Ghost goes a long way in Chinese history and depict different characteristic under different times. From the crazy tales of earliest Classic of Mountains and Seas to In Search of Supernatural, to those various forms of ghosts described in Zhi Guai, Chinese ghost story has a profound history, and it is mostly based on different religious beliefs, which forms a unique and splendid supernatural/ghost culture. People began to form the ideas of good and evil from the Xia Dynasty, and soon the simple fact, which ghost is people’s afterlife, has…
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