Analysis Of The Book ' The Heidi '

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Pirandellian Dark Comedy in Wendy Wasserstein 's
The Heidi Chronicles

The main aim of this paper is to study Wendy Wasserstein 's The Heidi Chronicles (1988) as a dark comedy in the light of Pirandello 's definition of dark comedy. The line between tragedy and comedy is often thin and at times barely discernable. Certain playwrights have a gift for blurring this line, which allows audiences to receive their message without often knowing if they should be laughing at what appears to be a serious topic. Wendy Wasserstein (1950-2006) is one of the contemporary female playwrights who makes use of dark comedy. She is an excellent example of the genre dark comedy in the late twentieth century. She has won critical acclaim, Pulitzer Prizes and numerous additional awards for her writing. Wendy Wasserstein was the first woman in history to win the Pulitzer Prize as the author of an original play. In a 2001 Harper article on a new generation of women playwrights, the first sentence reads "When you think of female playwrights, two words invariably come to mind: Wendy Wasserstein" (334). Feminist Sally Burke writes that the feminist playwrights who began their work in the 1970s, even those who won Obie Awards, were virtually ignored except by scholars of feminist drama; this list includes Wasserstein (1). She is one of the most important playwrights of our time, yet her work lacks the critical and scholarly attention it deserves. Tragicomedy has been, in
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