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There are twelve historical books in the Holy Bible. They include Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1st and 2nd Samuel, 1st and 2nd Kings, 1st and 2nd Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. They tell the story of Israel from the moment they were set free from slavery till when they had their own nation in the land of Canaan. There are different great lessons that these books teach us about God and some of them are going to be discussed here below. The book of Joshua starts with the appointment of Joshua as the new leader of the people of God. He is given the order to cross the river of Jordan with the Israelites and to go live in the Promised Land. In this book, something that is very remarkable is how the Jews were able to defeat the city of Jericho…show more content…
Instead, sometimes three hundred men are enough as we witness this in the war with the Midianites. The book of 1 Samuel begins with a prayer of a woman who desperately needs a child. The name of the woman is Hannah. She vows that she will give the child back to God to serve Him. The High priest Eli tells Hannah to be happy and that God will grant her request. The woman departs in joy believing that God has heard her prayer. This should teach us to have faith in the Lord even when our prayers have not been answered yet. Later on, the elders find it necessary for Israel to have a king for stability and security. Samuel, the son of Hannah, warns them that this might lead to a tyranny, but the Israelites insist that they want a king. God choses Saul to lead Israel. However, this Saul sins against God. So a new king has to be appointed. David, who appears to be weak is chosen to be the next king. This indicates that what seems unworthy in our eyes might be the most precious in God’s eyes. In 2 Samuel, God makes a covenant with David. He promises him to be a great name throughout Israel and to defeat all his enemies. In addition, God also speaks about who will come after David. This will be Salomon, a son of King David; God proclaims that this new king will also serve Him. The fact that all these came true proves that God’s words are not lies. After Salomon’s disobedience that resulted into the breakup of the Israel tribes, we learn about Ahab who leads his people
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