Analysis Of The Book ' The House Of Scorpion '

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Khoi Huynh
English 22
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Coming Together is an annual event that takes place in Skokie, sponsored by the village council. In this event, residents of the village are embolden to read and discuss a book that will capture the interest of the village. For the selection of the book, the village council asked the Niles West English 22 classes to suggest a book for the upcoming event. The House of Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer would fit the council’s criteria. The House of Scorpion is a science fiction, utopian, and dystopian novel. This story is dark and twisted, but a hopeful story. The book is broken up into different parts, Youth 0 to 6, Middle Age 7 to 11, Old Age 12 to 14, Age 14, and La Vida Nueva. The main protagonist is about a young clone name Matt. He grows up in a dystopian world under control of a drug lord. Ironically, this drug lord happens to be the man that Matt was cloned from. El Patrón, who is the drug lord, cloned the protagonist to harvest his organs in order to keep him alive. This novel tells you a story of Matt’s corrupted life from his childhood all the way when makes peace with his country. Taking a glance through Matt’s childhood, his early years of his life were peaceful. He lived in a small house with his caretaker Celia, who works for the Alacrán family. Apparently, El Patrón is the head of the house so he treats Matt like a son. However, the rest of the family doesn’t treat, Matt like that. When Matt was forced to move into the…
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