Analysis Of The Book ' The Huge Bed '

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They were fighting again, wrestling on his massive bed.

He was infuriated, frighteningly so, and it wasn 't long before Jingyan, wrists and torso pinned to the mattress, surrendered to him. He licked Jingyan 's wet cheeks, savoring the distress he was inflicting. Misery liked company. A hand reached down to rub Jingyan 's thigh, fingers teasingly drawing toward their destination.

Jingyan turned his head away and that made him even angrier. With a hard bite, he drew blood, blood that he smeared across Jingyan 's lips with his own in a heated kiss. He loved the little whimpers-turned-moans spilling from Jingyan 's lips, loved the slick slides of their chests. "I love you."

Jingyan 's tears fell harder, trembling shoulders caving as he
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A bird sang outside his window, nature 's melodious wake-up call.

Hesitantly, he touched his pillow, almost flushing when he remembered how he 'd fixed it under Jingyan 's back.

A part of him felt sick to the stomach.

Then, like every other night, he pretended that his nightmares didn 't happen.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

"Dude, this ship 's full of bloody victims."


The eyes of Mengzhi, current head of the operation bureau of Hong Kong Police Force, twitched as gurneys of injured victims were wheeled off the huge ship, transported onto ambulances that would take them to a general hospital. These victims came from an island off the shore of Hong Kong that was recently wiped by a hurricane. The ship was a medical transporter and most certainly not a shipment of illegal drugs Mengzhi and his band of thirty officers were here to arrest.

"There appears to be absolutely no drugs on my ship, Sir Mengzhi," said Xiao Jinghuan. The man, who 'd arrived five minutes after the police came, had a face only a fist could love.

Well, shit.

"Search harder," Mengzhi barked at his men. Mengzhi knew Xiao Shu wouldn 't lie to him, but maybe the guy 's information was wrong?

"You are not going to find drugs," said Jinghuan. He said drugs like it was a foreign word, a word he 'd never used before.

Mengzhi glared at him.

While there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the CEO of a well-known disaster relief
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