Analysis Of The Book ' The Hunt '

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Caleb Bruno
Mrs. Elliot
English IV H
The Hunt
It was a cold day, the wind was blowing. I decided to try for the first time and use my bow to hunt, instead of my rifle. I put on my camo, laced up my boots, and grabbed my bow. As I walked out to the stand I was sure to be very quiet. When I finally got to the stand I tied my bow on a string and climbed up then pulled my bow up after me. I sat there and took out my range finder to make me some reference points so I would know how far away a deer would be if one came out. Then I put it away and strapped on my release and sat quietly.
I had to sit there perfectly still and be very quiet. I was in a bow stand that did not hide me where all the animals could see my every move. So I sat
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I slowly lifted my bow, the release already attached onto my string. I slowly pulled back on my bow, and as I was pulling the deer looked right at me. I froze because if he saw me moving he would run. I was sitting there staring down the deer while I was holding back the 75 pounds on the bow string because he stopped me mid pull. As I was staring him down I thought of how I didn’t get to practice as much as I should have. I began to start shaking and became tired and weak from holding the string back. What was only fifteen seconds seemed like ten minutes I could feel my heart racing like it was about to pound right out of my chest. Never before in my life have I been that nervous and scared to shoot a deer. This was not my first deer to kill, but never before was I so close to a living deer. He then turned around and continued to eat and I took my shot.
I watched him as he ran off with the arrow still in him. He then broke off the half of the arrow that was sticking out of his right front shoulder. I climbed down from the stand, leaving my bow in the stand, and walked to look for his blood trail. There was nothing, no blood anywhere on the ground. I was stumped because I knew that I hit him. There lying on the ground was half of my arrow that he broke off when he ran away but no blood to be found. I finally gave up and decided to walked back to the camp and got some people to come and help me look and we could not find anything to see where he went.
That whole
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