Analysis Of The Book ' The Lady With The Dog '

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Happiness is not something that can be attained through wealth, fame, or power; those are merely an elision that is clouding people 's perspective of their own definition of happiness. While some believe that it 's not achievable through that method, remember this, those people are not truly happy, they are where they are by deceiving themselves and the people around them. In the short story of "The Lady With The Dog" by Anton Chekhov, the main character illustrates a similar situation where Dmitri Gurov believed that he has found his happiness when he met Anna, the lady with the dog. On the other hand, the essay “We Have No Right To Happiness” by C.S. Lewis, states, as the title suggest, that people have no right to attain happiness.…show more content…
Perhaps the feeling that he gets from his wife is what drives him to be that way to other women.
His wife is an intelligent and smart woman, yet Dmitri does not think so. The feelings he has toward his wife are what made him be who he is, for “he secretly considered her unintelligent, narrow, inelegant...” and “...was afraid of her and did not like to be at home.” Additionally, that discomfort that he feel at home and around his wife has caused him to be unhappy, whereby Goetz believes that “Happiness is composed of pleasure that can and should accompany virtuous activity”(288). If there is no pleasure in their relationship there is no happiness, so Dmitri thought outside of the box and went to other women for affection and pleasure. As Lewis said in his essay, “one of the rights of man is the rights of happiness,” yet what draws Dmitri from his happiness is his wife (318). Lewis states that a person has the right to look for his happiness in the world. Perhaps if Dmitri’s wife were a little more sincere to him and his feelings he would not have had to lean to have affairs, to begin with. The point is his wife is the cause of his unhappiness, where he had no opportunity to be happy, and so why bare her attitude toward Dmitri. Happiness is not something that naturally comes to a person, it might appear to be, but the truth of the matter is that happiness comes through any lawful means. A person can be partly
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