Analysis Of The Book ' The Letter Of James '

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23 September 2014

The Letter of James

I. Introduction to the Book of James

The letter of James was written by Jesus’s brother, which was James.
This book in the bible was written about 48 A.D. and the audiences for this book were Jewish Christians. James purpose for writing his letter was to show Christians how to practice their faith in God ( James Richards p.1352). James was a non-believer of Jesus being Christ until after the resurrection of Jesus. James had to understand that Jesus rose from the dead and that Jesus was Christ in order for James to write his teachings about God. Once James was a believer he became the leader of the Jerusalem church ( James Ericson p.2111). The letter of James also took place in several different locations which were Judea, Samaria, Phoenicia, Antioch, Syria, and Cyprus. This was because his scattered believers traveled through these places over time. James was written in Koiné Greek and is one of the earliest books in the New Testament. His letter talks and demonstrates Jesus teachings such as: how God does not tempt us, how we are to do what God says, don’t show favoritism, be careful what you say, don’t criticize others, be patient when you suffer, and pray when you are sick. These teachings from God are written by James were and still are being practiced today amongst Christians everywhere ( James Richards p.1352).

II. James verses 1-4 The first verse…
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