Analysis Of The Book ' The Letters From An American Farmers '

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Conflicts in America Literature has a tendency to draw from ones’ surroundings to tell a story or make a statement. Authors use their observation skills to make pieces of work great. The idea that literature reflects society is an idea that can trace back many years. In Crevecoeur’s Letters from an American Farmers, James the farmers is on an exhibition through the American colonies. Crevecoeur is able to share what he sees and experiences in his own life through the character of James. His letters define the culture and attitudes of what being an American is. Each letter represents and tells the story of something different. There is a strong sense of pride in one letter; however, there is shame present in the other. In the beginning letters, it describes what being an American is and the pride associated with this. Letters towards the end share a saddened view. Crevecoeur helped to bring light to the conflicting greatness and the history and development of America. What does it mean to be an American? This a true question that has been asked and evaluated for some time. In letter number three, there is a positive outlook on what it means to be an American. He opens the letter with saying “he must necessarily feel a share of national pride, when he views the chain of settlements” (Crevecoeur 309). From how Crevecoeur describes it, life could be considered charming and happy. He feels America is “the most perfect society now existing in the world” (Crevecoeur 310).
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