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Longenecker, Bruce W. The New Testament. The Lost Letters of Pergamum. Orlinda, TN: PhD and Lecturer at the University of St. Andrews. 2002. The Lost Letters of Pergamum is a book by Professor Bruce W. Longenecker, is a fictional book of letters that are exchanged between the fictional characters Antipas, a benefactor of Rome, and Luke, a physician and writer of the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. This book is artfully written to give the modern reader a glimpse into the context and culture of the first century church. Longenecker presents a stunning display of Christ’s life through these letters and also the effects of his life in his culture. This book is corresponding between Antipas, a self-proclaimed civic benefactor of the…show more content…
After the patient replies of Luke to Antipas’ thoughts, ands as an Antipas continued his meetings with the local Christians, he understands that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and the distributer of the culture or not. The one that he should worship instead of Jupiter. This decision eventually led to Antipas’ martyrdom for Jesus Christ in protest of the gladiatorial events in which one of is Christian brothers, Demetrius, was to be slaughtered. Antipas’ actions saved the life of Demetrius and as punishment. Antipas was burned alive while wrapped in the carcass of a bull doing this for the glory of god. Antipas and Luke have no trouble discussing spiritual matters of the Christian culture even Jesus Christ and the son of God. However, in the first century, it wasn’t Unusual at all for scholarly men discuss spiritual things. In fact, spiritual matters were probably the most prevalent discussion of the century due to the presence of many philosophers and great thinkers. Antipas and his friends occasionally write to Luke with him clearly had a good understanding of the roll of God and spiritually. They were noblemen, scholars, and philosophers. Their lives where steeped in knowledge of things higher than themselves, and as Antipas alluded, they even had a basic knowledge of Christ and the great disrupter of society. What they did not understand was the relational and

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