Analysis Of The Book ' The Luck Of Roaring Camp '

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In “The Luck of Roaring Camp” by Bret Harte, nature is seemingly created into its own character. Nature has the haunting role of being the giver and taker of life in this story. The forces of nature bring the men of the camp the blessing of a small child. Through this child the men are given life and see the beauty of nature around them. However, nature will ultimately strip the men of both of these things. Harte shows us that nature is the culprit that brings both beauty and pain. The first mention of nature occurs at the beginning of the story, at the description of Cherokee Sal’s situation. Harte alludes to the effects of the very first transgression of mankind. He writes that Cherokee Sal had been suffering from the “primal curse”. After the fall into sin, women would be cursed by unbearable pain in childbirth. Nature carries out its justice on women, by taking a beautiful event and making it into a dreadful one. Nature plays the role of divine prosecutor on earth and Sal’s final judgement has come. Her life is taken by this cruel curse of nature. However nature plays two roles in the event of childbirth. What makes the pain of childbirth worth it, is the miracle of a new life that is brought into the world. Nature has delivered a new blessing into the lives of the men of Roaring Camp. It has come in the form of a baby boy. By the birth of Luck nature has simultaneously, given and taken life. Nature has evened out its score, it took something away, but in return it gave

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