Analysis Of The Book ' The Night Angel ' By Walter Moers

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As I sat in one of the booths at a coffee shop, I brainstormed about what book to read for this final project. I contemplated a few I would like to re-read, there is the gunslinger series by Steven King, but some of the books in the series are better than others, and I hate “The Dark Tower” book where Oy dies. I deliberated about reading Rumo again by Walter Moers, but that book is lengthy. Ultimately, I decided to re-read the first book of the Night Angel series written by Brent Weeks. I concluded that it would be best to use the first book in the series. Since the story line is so intricate, if I attempted to use the second or third books, I would spend too much time explaining backstory. After, I drove home and brewed a large pot of Starbucks Pikes Place Coffee. I selected comfortable attire to wear, and poured myself a giant mug of coffee. Took the book off the shelf, and curled up with a soft, fuzzy blanket in my favorite spot. From my favorite leather chair situated in front of the fireplace in my living room, I opened the book and became engulfed in the rich world the author created. I had never heard of this author, nevertheless, the book captured my attention in the first chapter. I simply inhaled the rest of the trilogy. The main character is Azoth, he is a member of the guild called the Black Dragons. His guild is a group of orphans who lives in the slums, called the Warrens. Survival for Azoth is precarious, and he is tired of being terrified of a malicious,

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