Analysis Of The Book ' The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Observation Samantha is wiping her nose with a bundle of tissues; instead of squeezing her nose to blow the mucus out, she is wiping up and down her nose. Teacher Julia is helping the children put on their jackets because it is cold outside. Teacher Julia says to Samantha “Let me help you put your jacket on” as she brings Samantha’s jacket over to her; “No! I can do it!” says Samantha as she hands the tissues to Teacher Julia and takes the jacket to put on herself. Samantha tries three times to slip her right arm into the jacket before successfully putting on the jacket through both arms. She is attempting to zip up her jacket however the zipper is stuck and will not pull up. Teacher Julia notices that the zipper is stuck and helps…show more content…
How are you, friend? I missed you so much!”. Samantha responds “Good!” and opens her arms, embracing Teacher Ashley. Analysis Samantha’s actions express signs of physical development through the two types of motor skills; gross motor and fine motor. Samantha has demonstrated development of gross motor skills,which according to Berk(107), “refers to the control over actions that help infants get around in the environment”. She is able to walk, jump, skip, and even hug Teacher Ashley and displaying the wide body movement actions which can be refined throughout the developmental stage. “Fine-motor development has to do with smaller movements such as reaching and grasping”(108). Samantha used a secure pincer grasp when using her forefinger and thumb to clamp the zipper on her jacket and pull it up. She also held her spoon to feed herself cereal.This means that she developed more fine motor skills that require precision in smaller muscles such as those in the fingers. Her actions also displayed cognitive development through sensorimotor development. Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theory(Berk 119), states that “all cognition development in an integrated fashion, changing in similar way at about the same time as children move through four stages between infancy and adolescence”. Samantha exhibited actions from Piaget’s first theory,It is evident that Samantha’s actions
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