Analysis Of The Book ' The Night '

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Day 1 The plague had spread and killed most everyone in its path, and turned them into these horrible creatures. And I have survived it. Others have but I’m one of the few in the city. I’m Fifteen and I live in San Francisco. Heh, all the movies where San Francisco gets trashed by monsters and disasters. But, there’s no movie that includes a virus that turns people into 6 legged monsters. I only go outside for supplies. Which reminds me tomorrow I need to get some more food because I’m almost out. Day 2 I get up to get dressed I put on my trench coat, gas mask, helmet, and boots. I go to the kitchen to grab something to eat for the way to the store where I get all my supplies. I get my gun, and knife I wake Riley up (my German Shepard) “c’mon boy lets go get some supplies” I said as I opened the door to my house and we went outside. I grab my bag which was completely dry of food, and I headed out to the road. I load my gun as I walk down the road and look around at my surroundings. People in their houses look down at me while I walk down the road. I make it to the store and there’s someone’s already there. Its Ken. Ken is my friend we usually help each other out when we get in trouble. “Hey Ken!” Very quickly Ken turned around and pointed his 10 gauge shotgun at me “Oh it’s you! Sorry!” he said as he lowered his gun. “That’s alright how many times have I done that to you?” We both laughed silently. We Went into the store to search for supplies. As we walk down the aisles

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