Analysis Of The Book ' The Night Of The Missouri River '

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From a hill above the eastern bank of the Missouri River, Jake peered across the busy streets of St. Joseph.
“There must be a house and a storefront on every hill. Duvall could use any of those for a hideout.” He let out an exasperated breath before settling back in the saddle.
Kat pulled her hat further down her forehead. “You’ll find him.”
“Confident in getting the reward, are you?” Quick sarcasm sharpened his voice. He wouldn’t apologize for it. In the past three days, she’d perplexed and annoyed him by stirring up debates over politics and the war, most of which ended in angry silence.
Every time she looked behind them, he suspected she watched for Emmett. She refused to talk about the man, and in that regard, Jake showed some patience.
He’d become accustom to her habits, but he knew her alliance meant nothing. She was there for one reason—the reward. Now that they were in St. Joseph, he’d find a nice hotel and be rid of her.
“You have no right to . . .” A locamotive drowned out the rest of her words as it pulled away from the Hannibal and St. Joseph train depot.
When the noise dissipated, he said, “We should find a place to stay.”
For once, Kat consented without a fuss.
They rode past several suitable hotels before he pointed to an impressive four-story building. “This will do.”
They dismounted and tied the horses to the hitching post. Kat swatted at her pants, attracting attention from a family walking along the sidewalk. “I don’t know, Jake, this place looks pretty…

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