Analysis Of The Book ' The Night '

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hen the air had stopped. Jade had squinted her eyes and saw a glimpse of Becky. Becky was lying on her back side. She didn 't have her glasses on nor were her knee socks or red bunny slippers. Jade looked at herself at the mirror across the room. She didn 't look different at all. Becky coughed but remained sleeping.
Jade wondered how she had got there. She didn 't remember entering Becky 's room last night, in fact Becky would have a fit if she saw Jade in her room and it wasn 't as neat as it could be. Becky turned over and the sudden movement scared Jade. Jade got out of the bed. She bent over and slowly rocked Becky back and forth trying to wake her up. Becky thrust out a fist from under the covers and punched Jade in the nose. "Gosh, darn it Becky!" Jade said clutching her nose. Still tired, Becky slowly arose. "W-what?" she said sheepishly. "You hit my nose." Jade said annoyed. "Your nose was in the way then." Becky said softly. She jumped out the bed and flicked on the light switch. She grabbed her glasses immediately.
"Now wait a minute, why 'd you wake me up? I was sleeping fine!" said Becky. "Well, I don 't know. I was surprised because I guess I spent the night here. I just don 't remember how I got here though." Jade responded. "-I actually woke up next to you." Jade added. Becky blushed. "O-oh. Next to me? Are you sure?" Becky turned around.
"Do you know? Were we having a sleepover?" Jade asked. Becky faced Jade. "Something like that." Becky said softly.…
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