Analysis Of The Book ' The Night '

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CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX Dungeons, Smoke, and Mirrors The king’s hands shook as he gripped the arms of his gilded chair. “Set that monster there!” he shouted with such rage, the entire castle trembled. The gruesome goblin shuffled over and plopped down on a wooden tripod stool in the center of the dungeon floor. Argos came over and had to stoop so he didn’t scrape his huge head on the sloped ceiling. He squatted behind Gordok, wrapped chains around his wrists and ankles, then melted into the dark shadows again. For a few moments, I stared at the monster and started to kind of choke up, thinking about all we had gone through to capture him. I was still lost in thought when Emma skipped down the stairs, smiling at me. She took a few steps, then screeched loud enough to vibrate the cobwebs that were stretched across the corners of the room. “Eeew, yuck.” She pointed to Gordok who was still in a stupor. “That monster stinks like rotten fish. Wow! I’ll talk to you later,” she said and marched out of the dungeon and up the stairs. King Zander sighed. “You have my things Aiden?” “Oh . . . Sorry. I almost forgot. Here,” I handed him the golden key. He set it on top of a small box with an inscription written in silver and it vanished. Then I gave him the wand and he pointed it at the goblin and shouted “Awake!” Gordok opened his eyes and gave me a wick sneer. “You are here before me,” the king said, looking down upon the goblin in disgust, “so that I may dispatch righteous

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