Analysis Of The Book ' The Night '

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Alan strode out the door just as skittish as he was when he walked in. He went over his plan in his head a countless amount of times. He was meeting Diana for dinner that night. He was going to put the potion into her wine. Diana wasn’t aware that Alan had such a tremendous admiration for her. He was strolling along, almost to the restaurant when a bluebird swooped down and snatched the love potion from Alan’s grip. “Ah-ah-oh you come back here bird! That’s mine!” shrieked Alan. He dashed after the bird until he could no longer run. The bird landed, and Alan could see the bird sipping the potion. Alan’s jaw dropped. He pondered upon what it would do to animals. The wise man hadn’t said anything about animals. “That was supposed to be for Diana! Now what am I going to do?” Alan spoke out loud to himself. The bird was staring at him. “Go away bird.” However, the bird did not go away. Instead, it flew over to Alan and landed right on his shoulder. Alan shooed the bird off of his shoulder and started pacing towards the restaurant where he was meeting Diana. He was still going to meet Diana, even if she wasn’t going to fall in love with him today.
Alan stepped up to the door of the restaurant. It was a glass door so he could see his reflection. He could also see the bird’s reflection. The bird was right behind him. He had followed Alan all the way to the restaurant. “You need to leave,” Alan commanded the bird. Then, Alan realized what was…
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