Analysis Of The Book ' The Night Sky '

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About The Author This voice from sound waves would go beyond ear buds because you readers would comprehend the momentum from turned pages. He turned in ways which weighed his thoughts to unbearable weight. Closed eyes would only keep him dreaming. For years he was scared to wake up, it must have been the things he was seeing. Have you ever want so bad it hurts, so you don’t try to attempt. Looking at the night sky it’s dark, inside him was like it. He never believed in himself so he was taken for granted. Only thing he could see was clouds interfering with all of his visions. Like foggy days, foggy thoughts clouded his mind. He couldn’t see his next step because he was falling behind. Life is hard with no help he found love in the streets. He resented that lifestyle because he was lost and defeated. He asked for change, he prayed for the same, he begged it to start. Deciphering what to do panicking he didn’t see no way out. He really lost all hope with his life because the things he went through. He was raised up on no sympathy, in his lifetime he saw that truth. Till this one day, some say “he would never make it,””, “he’s doing nothing,” ”, they predicted he was going to stay down but they didn’t know, he learned from situations and it wasn 't easyso he had to leave, now he’s standing tall growing roots from a planted seed. Dedication First I would like to thank God and everyone whom he put in my path weather they are in or out of my life right now. All of
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