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“The Notebook” is a love story about a young couple who meet in the 1940’s, in Seabrook, South Carolina. Noah is introduced to Allie by friends at a carnival. He is immediately smitten with Allie, knowing he must have her, but she plays hard to get. Noah is a worker at a local lumberyard, making a mere $.40 per day, while Allie is a debutante.
The story, however, begins with an older gentleman in a presumably modern day nursing home, reading to another resident. He’s reading her the story of Noah and Allie, and we find out later on that he is actually Noah, trying to get Allie to remember their life together. But Allie has dementia, sadly and gets agitated very easily. The majority of the movie focuses on the past story, but flashes back and forth from the past to the present, telling both parts of the story.
Being the romantic movie that it was, it was easy to find many examples of concepts from the book. These concepts included the difference between liking and loving, passionate love, the experimenting and intensifying phases of coming together, social networks, and romantic betrayal.
The story of how Allie and Noah met began in the carnival, where it’s clear that Noah is instantly attracted to Allie. Despite his clever attempts to gain her attention, she plays hard to get. A short time later, a mutual friend, Fin, tricks Allie into a double date with Noah. Allie appears a little bit annoyed at first, but it’s clear she is beginning to like Noah also.

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