Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Of Lakeview Park '

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Having realized he dropped his smart phone somewhere in the vast flora of Lakeview park, Julian was berating himself. Not only did he face the daunting terrain, it was getting dark very fast. Not willing to give up his smart phone to the wild or the darkness Julian prepared for the worst. He grabbed a flashlight, knife, a small bottle of oleoresin capsaicin spray and asked his mother to drive him, two accidents left Julian unable to drive, his mind is left unable to focus under the effects of the drugs prescribed to help him with his symptoms. The drive to Lakeview park was surreal, what was once a veritable paradise during the day became a place of nightmares at night. Beautiful oak trees twisted into dark phantasms. Julian left his Mother Julie behind in case he didn 't come back in half an hour. Julian knew the terrain well even at night he was able to retrace his steps. The first place where the phone might be was a small bog by the freeway. During his long walk he heard men in the darkness, Julian knew there were many homeless who stayed at the park at night unwilling to be noticed he turned off the small L.E.D. flashlight and blended in with the darkness silently yet quickly moving through Lakeview park. Once he got to the swampy bog he started calling his missing phone from another cell hoping to hear it ring through the darkness. Getting nowhere he began to make his way south, but then Julian lost his balance on the mire and fell right on his tailbone then his back
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