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Rachel Bitjeman September 16, 2016 Rewriting America Paper 1 Toni Morrison, the author of the book Sula, uses defined words to guide the reader in thinking much deeper about what she is trying to narrate. A specific part of the book that stood out for me was chapter “1939” (Morrsion, Sula, p. 112). Already starting to read the section, the title gives us a clear understanding of the time frame were dealing with. 1939 is the start of World War II and we can also indicate that discrimination and inequality still played a huge role in society. Every word Morrison chooses to use has its own deeper meaning that leads us to understand how she portrays the story and its characters. Morrison uses certain words to describe how much authority the people had over Sula. “Sula underneath some white man, and it filled them with choking disgust” (Morrsion, Sula , p. 113). Morrison uses the word “them” to inform us that the town as a whole views Sula in the same approach. “Choking disgust” is also used to explain how these people are so disgusted with Sula it could literally kill them. Imagining the people not being able to physically breathe, “choking” after hearing Sula chose to sleep with a white man is how close to death they felt. Two quotes that directly relate to each other are “for a woman to be willing was literally unthinkable” and “their own skin color was proof that it had happened in their own families was no deterrent to their bible” (Morrison, p. 113). What
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